Chevron Fringe Necklace


Remember the chevron necklaces that I did last year? They were a huge hit that I decided to give them an upgrade. I combined my love for that necklace, inspiration from @shouthappy and inspiration from @twoofwands and here is the chevron fringe necklace.
I love fiber jewelry and how easy it is to layer and wear in the summer. I have a blush piece up next and already working on one for my baby shower. .
What color(s) would yours be?
If you're interested in one let's work together to pick the perfect colors for you. These will be on sale in the shop until I am able to get them photographed this weekend.


  • Light Grey and Mauve (as pictured)
  • Blush and Cream
  • Cream and Copper
  • Cream and Coral
  • Coral and Grey
  • Black Burn (like clutch)
  • Black and Cream
  • Custom Color