Flower Cozy for Mason Jars


I was asking to make some cozies for a friend to give to her bridesmaids. She wants them in the colors of the girls dresses and this is what I came up with...a simple flower cozy. The color options on every detail is unlimited.

From now until tomorrow at midnight when you buy 3 your 4th will be free.

If you have questions about color(s) please message me. From the cozy, to the flower to the beads...this is 100% customizable.

Pint size cozies are $10.00.
Pint and a half size cozies are $12.00.
Quart size cozies are $14.00


  • Pint Size Cozies
  • Pint and Half Size Cozies
  • Quart Size Cozies
  • Jar with lid and straw